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Agora vejo mais claramente que não apenas as consequências da Grande Comissão, mas a Grande Comissão em si precisa ser entendida no sentido de incluir a responsabilidade tanto social quanto evangelística, para que não nos tornemos culpados de distorcer as palavras de Jesus. [John Stott]


Hand-lettering by Raul Alejandro.


Olafur Eliasson, 360˚ Compass (2009).


Olafur Eliasson360˚ Compass (2009).

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This is the prettiest henna I’ve ever seen..

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Closing July 28 | Four days remain to visit Richard Long’s ‘Mendoza Walking’ at the Faena Arts Center Buenos Aires

For over forty years, Richard Long has pioneered walking as sculptural practice and, in so doing, has visited some of the world’s most remote and wild landscapes. The works in ‘Mendoza Walking’ utilize materials native to the region of Tupungato and Cordón del Plata in the Andes mountains of Mendoza Argentina and explore the relationship between art and nature, between human potential and environmental realities.

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Glacier Cave, Alaska

trolls keep by Ron Gile | 500px

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Photos from Mike Howarth’s trip with Cass Gilbert from Cafayate to San Pedro De Atacama, crossing from Argentina to Chile. Check out Mike’s blog for an account of their journey and more photos.

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